Health & Care

Health and care

Health & Care

We're a trusted partner and adviser to healthcare organisations

We work with leading public and private sector healthcare providers, at a regional and national level, across the care setting. By doing so, our clients improve patient care through a more efficient and affordable healthcare system.

We support our clients with clinical and operational transformation and financial, commercial and infrastructure improvements.

Leading public and private sector healthcare providers

Where we work

We provide consulting and analytic services across a range of health and care specialities.

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

    We support our clients across the procurement and supply chain functions to improve efficiency and value for money.

  • Clinical Operations

    From individual specialties, to fully integrated clinical models, we support our clients to transform the provision of clinical services and to deliver best practice.

  • Clinical Support Services

    We design and optimise clinical support services to support critical healthcare operations.

  • Pharmacy

    From hospital-based ward models to dispensing and aseptics, and fluids we’re experts in developing novel pharmacy solutions.

  • Pathology & Diagnostics

    We design and deliver sector-leading diagnostic services and modelling through our commercial insight, sector knowledge and consulting expertise.

  • Estates & Facilities

    Housing all patient care, we support the development of infrastructure, including new hospital builds, maintenance and wider support services.

What our clients say about us

What sets Akeso apart is they have a unique blend of experience and expertise combined with willingness, responsiveness and an optimistic positive vibe.

Simon Walsh

Group Procurement Director Mancester University NHS Trust

Akeso give us something bespoke. They ask the right questions and provide solutions based on their understanding of us.

Michael Cullen

Head of Value Access B Braun Medical UK

Akeso focus on what is best for us.

Rachel Repper

Supply Chain Coordination Lead NHS Supply Chain and Procurement

We have really enjoyed working with Akeso the team have been extremely professional and delivered the objectives of the project, on time and of good quality. Akeso approach was thorough and considered the sensitivities associated with this project.

Matthew Swanboroug

Head of Strategic Planning Wirral University Teaching Trust
Chris Robson 

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