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Data and analytics
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Data & Analytics

From dynamic reporting and automated workflow processing to simulation modelling solutions, we put insight-powered analytics at the forefront of healthcare and life science optimisation.

Our work is grounded in robust analysis, which enables us to obtain operational insights from healthcare data. We use a variety of business intelligence tools to enable users to better interpret, visualise, and interact with healthcare data to provide tangible and actionable insights for sustained value delivery.

Our skilled team of data scientists and software engineers use programming, machine learning, statistics and infrastructure management combined with consultative skills and sector knowledge to help you deliver meaningful improvements.

Robust analysis
Dynamic reporting

Dynamic Reporting

We offer reporting solutions which deliver actionable insights that go beyond descriptive statistics. Our solutions range from bespoke interactive dashboards built using the clients’ application of choice, to secure UK server web-based outputs combined with sophisticated analytics. Most of our analytics are performed using Python and R with visualisations in Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, and Flask.



We have developed automated workflows to streamline back-office processes, which are often costly and inefficient to the NHS. We use Automation Anywhere and a secure UK-based server to develop robotic process automation (RPA) flows, which we can manage and host for you, or we can develop using your systems. We have experience with a variety of different RPA provisions that can adapt to your current infrastructure.

Simulation and optimisation

Simulation and Optimisation

We use simulation modelling solutions and performance optimisation tools to identify cost savings and efficiencies to ensure patients receive the best care in the shortest time. We develop most of our solutions using Python and R, however we’re also experienced with other simulation models.

Analytics Strategy

Analytics Strategy

We can support you to collect, manage and analyse data and obtain meaningful insights. We can help you define and design data and analytics strategy and operating models by delivering bespoke ideation and innovation using IPA Labs. Using these labs, we discover what’s possible, interrogate your needs and discover your route to success.

Population Health Analytics

We have developed population health analytics tools, and assessment frameworks to help our clients understand the unmet need of their populations’ health. Our solutions can enable organisations better organise themselves to analyse their data. We can also use our models to analyse data and provide operational and clinical insights.

Information management and software engineering

Information Management & Software Engineering

We offer data analytics as a service, focusing on information management and software development for data infrastructures and/or real-time analytics platforms. We deploy our solutions using cloud computing platforms such as Azure and AWS, providing a layer of data protection, security and management that is tailored to your needs.

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