MedTech & Life science

MedTech and Life Science

MedTech & Life science

We're a strategic advisor to the medical technology and life sciences industry.

We support the entry and adoption of innovative products and services to the UK’s healthcare market. Our approach includes obtaining market insights, developing a value proposition, understanding routes to market and engaging with healthcare systems.

Our clients include leading medical device, digital health, biotechnology and pharmaceutical providers.

Support innovative products

Where we work

  • Medical Devices

    We support medical device and diagnostics companies to quantifying and communicate the value of their technologies to the healthcare system.

  • Digital Health

    We support digital health organisations adopt of transformational healthcare systems and patient care solutions.

  • Point of Care Testing

    We work with point of care testing (POCT) organisations to understand market opportunities and population health needs to develop new portfolios.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We help the pharmaceutical sector to harness data to enhance market access strategy and new product adoption.

  • Biotechnology

    We support biotechnology companies to quantify the benefits of their products and provide patient to innovative medicines.

What our clients say about us

Akeso give us something bespoke. They ask the right questions and provide solutions based on their understanding of us.

Michael Cullen

Head of Value Access B Braun Medical UK

Akeso understand our value proposition. They are always available and ask the right questions.

Michael Cullen

Head of Value Access B Braun Medical UK

Akeso have high cabilre people who are honest, trustworthy and deliver quality work.

Will Harman

Principal Apax Partners Global Equity Fund
Martin Shiderov

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