Case Study

UK Point-of-Care Market Entry Strategy

Akeso supported a non-UK based POC manufacturer to develop a market entry strategy to support bringing a number of their POC products across a wide-spanning disease portfolio into the UK, through a detailed opportunity assessment, commercial strategies and overall entry recommendation.


Anbio (Xiamen) Biotechnology are a non-UK based manufacturer of laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care (POC) products, who experienced particular success with their COVID-19 LFD portfolio.

Anbio had identified a possible commercial opportunity to expand into the UK market with their wider POC portfolio and engaged with Akeso to seek support in conducting a market opportunity assessment and developing a strategy recommendation to implement this market entrance.


Akeso developed the recommendation report via a two-phase approach:

  • Opportunity Assessment: Via utilisation of a top-down strategy, Akeso conducted a full UK POC market assessment reviewing overall performance/growth, industry trends and barriers, supplier landscape and disease segment analysis, to identify evidence-based disease-level opportunities. From this, Akeso short-listed further product prioritisation opportunities across each of the identified disease areas, reviewing both of Anbio’s Antigen Rapid Test and Chemiluminescence Instrumentation product portfolio (as requested)
  • Strategy Recommendation: Akeso documented a supporting disease- and product-specific commercial strategies across public and private healthcare and wider public sectors. These were supported by a market entry strategy, operating model and roadmap to establish a business within UK market.


Due to our in-depth understanding of UK healthcare, POC testing specifications, procurement and distribution, and market access, Akeso successfully:

  • Identified disease & product-level opportunities and potential revenue benefits, in addition to market and product developments recommendations
  • Documented commercial strategy roadmap supported by a number of key enablers to provide “quick win” activities to support successful entry