Case Study

Implementation Guide Development

Working collaboratively with a global MedTech provider, we structured an implementation guide to support overcoming key barriers to implementation which were potentially limiting sales opportunities – this resource is now key material used in respected conferences such as HETT.


Virtual Ward implementation were (and continue to be) viewed as complicated and involved, with a lack of clear guidance on how to implement them effectively.

The client suspected this was leading to lost opportunity / sales and required a required a solution that provided current and future clients with the support & piece of mind they sought. The solution needed to make it clear what needed to be done and when whilst, most importantly, showing how easy Virtual Wards are to implement- demystifying the process.


Akeso was engaged to support in the development of this solution; a comprehensive Virtual Ward implementation guide.

We conducted a comprehensive discovery exercise to understand the Virtual Ward implementation environment, what was done well, what was done badly and what regulatory / funding processes providers had to complete.

Using an agile approach, we began to develop an implementation guide from the gathered information, breaking the process down into easily digestible chunks. The iterative style of our delivery allowed the method to be tested with clinicians and client stakeholders, adapting the material in real time.

We delivered a concise, clear and visually engaging Virtual Ward implementation guide which has now been distributed to over 10,000 industry stakeholders across the UK.


  • A comprehensive Virtual Ward implementation guide
  • Increased brand awareness and market interest
  • Improved internal implementation practices
  • Industry leading material and a competitive advantage

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