Akeso team announced as finalists for three MCA Awards


We are delighted to share that three members of our talented team have been shortlisted as finalists in the MCA Awards 2024!

Akeso is a proud member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) and the commitment to Consulting Excellence that this represents. Each year, the MCA holds their prestigious annual award ceremony to recognise the true value of consulting and its impact on society which continues to be a highlight in the industry calendar 25 years on!

This year, we are honoured to announce that three members of our team – Fred Weller, Shivam Sharma and Luke Taylor – have been shortlisted as finalists in three different categories. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication, and represent the inclusive environment, collaborative spirit and high standards we strive for as a company.


Young Consultant of the Year

Fred Weller, Manager

Project and programme management

During his five years in consulting at Akeso, Fred has relished the challenge of tackling complex client problems, thriving in the technical detail of the client context, whilst always appreciating the bigger strategic picture. He has supported the development and implementation of innovative clinical models in order to realise transformative health care improvement in some of the country’s poorest regions, and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with clients on-the-ground managing complex commercial challenges to deliver public sector financial improvement. Fred’s approach is characterised by his desire to work in a wholly collaborative manner with his clients, fostering immensely positive relationships and developing significant credibility during his time at Akeso.


Rising Star

Shivam Sharma, Consultant

Operations advisory

In his first year and a half in consulting at Akeso, Shiv has achieved remarkable success in both client work and internal initiatives. From making an immediate impact by supporting a major public sector procurement worth over £250m to leading national engagement strategy design and execution for a high-profile client profile, Shiv has consistently showcased his ability to tackle complex problems, innovate solutions, and build strong client relationships, resulting in tangible outcomes and public sector savings. He has also delivered an impressive portfolio of internal work; with a passion for advocacy, he actively participates in the Young MCA and the MCA D&I working group. He also fosters Akeso’s culture by founding and leading the firm’s EDI group, organising training workshops on sensitive topics and cultural events.


Inclusion Award

Dr Luke Taylor, Head of Analytics

Luke has always advocated for equity, equality, diversity and inclusion, driven by his lived experience and the stigma faced as an openly gay individual. He has been a prominent figure in driving tangible changes to support our EDI agenda. Following a dual cancer diagnosis, leading to physical and cognitive impairments, Luke returned to work, advocating for accommodations and fostering a culture of support within Akeso. Working with colleagues, he has spearheaded policy overhauls, resulting in enhanced well-being initiatives and intersectionality training, as well as help establish an EDI network and embed inclusive practices into our competency framework. Luke’s efforts ensure a unified and blended workforce, irrespective of background, contributing to a culture of understanding and support for all our employees.


“All of our team are exceptionally proud of Fred, Shiv and Luke on their selection as MCA Awards Finalists!
We know the standard of consulting across fellow MCA members is so very high, and are delighted that you have individually been recognised for your contribution to the industry as well as flying the flag for making an impact in healthcare.
Congratulations to deserving colleagues and all the nominees – we look forward to an evening of appreciation at the Finals in October.”
Scott Healy, Director and Founder


Find out more about the awards on the MCA Website.