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Transforming Aseptic Services in Yorkshire

Akeso completed an Outline Business Case on behalf of the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trust (WYAAT) following an options appraisal relating to their Aseptic Pharmacy Services.


The West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts represents collaboration across six hospital trusts with the aim of delivering the highest standards of patient care. This extends to pharmacy care via ready-to-administer (RtA) intravenous medication. There is currently limited production capacity with expected demand growth in the future of this service area. Akeso were contracted to undertake an options appraisal to complete the subsequent business case for this service area.


Our consultants undertook a series of interviews, workshops and site visits with clinical leads and service area experts to understand current operations, potential demand growth and factors currently limiting volumetric output, as well as other challenges facing the WYAAT aseptic services.

We analysed qualitative and quantitative data to understand the ‘as-is’ operations, individual and group aims for the future of pharmacy aseptic services. This was subsequently built into a model that flowed into the DHSC’s comprehensive investment appraisal (CIA) model, which considered initial and lifecycle capital costs and revenue costs (primarily via staffing and 3rd party purchase costs) against expected benefits realisation.  Benefits focused on the avoided 3rd party medication purchase costs and the potential nursing time to care released.

The results of the preferred option were written up in the form of an OBC for approval by NHSE on behalf of the WYAAT Pharmacy Network.


We completed an outline business case on behalf of the WYAAT Pharmacy Network. If approved by NHSE, it will result in an initial capital investment of approximately £28.4m to release nursing time equivalent to the value of £118m and cost avoidance valued at approximately £22m over the course of the modelled 25-year project lifecycle

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